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Bottle contains 10ml of perfume oil.


A range of essential oil perfumes in handy roll on glass bottles. Perfect for your bag so you can re-apply throughout the day.

These handy roll on perfumes are completely natural being made from a blend of pure essential oils in an organic almond oil base. The roll on bottle is a handy travel size so you can take it with you wherever you go and touch up throughout the day.



This is mysterious perfume ideal for a romantic evening or a late night party. Here, it is a lot more subtle, and blended with floral, citrus, spicy, and woody oils to create a delightful mystical aroma. Deep, sweet, floral aromas mingle with woody, spicy notes.


From pet and smoke free house



Base of organic almond oils, essential oils.


Supplied in a clear glass roll on bottle with a gold screw cap . Each bottle

Each bottle, including lid, stands approximately 8.5 cm high with a diameter of 1.9 cm.


NOTE : if you are allergic to any essential oil, before buying, please, ask for allergic reactions. Essential oil blend known only to me.


All items will be posted within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.




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Royal Prophecy

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